Please read the disclaimer very carefully. All we are doing is putting up a web site to get cyclists together to enjoy Dorset.

We do not accept responsibility of any kind for those who choose to ride.

The web site is run by West Dorset Cycling affiliated to Cycling UK. Contact details are as follows:

Secretary - John Meagher

Email - westdorsetcycling@gmail.com


By taking part in The Great Dorset Bike Ride you confirm that you understand and will abide by the terms and conditions required by the Cycling UK for the safe participation in this activity and to act responsibly and adhere to the rules of the road and countryside.

Marshals, if they are used, are solely to indicate the direction and it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the manoeuvre is carried out safely.

Participants confirm that they are fit and healthy enough to participate in this activity and that the bicycle used is in a safe, legal and rideable condition.

Participants also accept that West Dorset Cycling and Cycling UK cannot be held responsible for personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability.

You undertake that you are covered by third party insurance.

West Dorset Cycling will not disclose information to any other person or organisation except in connection with the purposes of the event.

West Dorset Cycling its partners and agents may take photographs of participants for publicity and allied purposes. If you do not want any photographs used please notify West Dorset Cycling.

West Dorset Cycling have sought to ensure that information contained in these pages is accurate. However, no liability or responsibility is accepted arising from reliance upon the information contained in these pages or any other information accessed via this site, including without limitation for information reached via links on this site to external sites.

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